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Triggering EDX

Hi everybody !

I'm trying to start a task that have an external event as trigger, using a Rest componenent in Talend.

When i send my request on qtxs.asmx, within the body <Global method="GetTimeLimitedRequestKey" /> ; the response is : 401.

So, I've tried to add header to the request to solve problems of authentication.

I've add header "Authorization" with value "Basic login:password", where login:password is encoded in base64. As specified in the http authentication rfc (

Always and always a 401 error !

The user is member of QlikView Administrators group, and i run Qlikview Distribution Service v9.

If someone can help me...

Thanks a lot !!


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You need to use NTLM authentication; basic authentication will not work.

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try to put the user in a new local or ad group named "QlikView EDX", where all users allowed to trigger a EDX Task are kept.

Only different Users NO GROUPS allowed in there.

For my part i trigger the reload via VBS in a QlikView Macro, i was unable to put a password on a task. only empty Passwords are working here.

Hope that help,


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Thanks for your answer schlettig.

I've added my user in the QlikView EDX group, always 401 error...

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You need to use NTLM authentication; basic authentication will not work.

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Hello vhuynh,

thanks a lot for your answer, because indeed Basic authentication doesn't work, but NTLM works fine !


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Partner - Contributor III


May I ask where did you guys add the authentcation infomation?

I'm not good at this VB thing. a little help please?

Thanks in advnace,


Public Sub Main()
        Dim requestKey, xmlhttp As Object

        xmlhttp = CreateObject("msxml2.xmlhttp.3.0")"post", "", False)
        xmlhttp.send("<Global method=""GetTimeLimitedRequestKey"" />" & vbCrLf)
        requestKey = xmlhttp.responseXML.selectSingleNode("//GetTimeLimitedRequestKeyResult").text"post", "", False)
        xmlhttp.send("<Global method=""RequestEDX"" key=""" & requestKey & """><i_TaskIDOrTaskName>Update QVDs</i_TaskIDOrTaskName><i_Password /><i_VariableName /><i_VariableValueList /></Global>" & vbCrLf)
        Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success
    End Sub