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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Unable to execute .bat file from QMC task

Hi all,

I'm trying to execute a .bat file from a task defined within QMC, but I can't complete the operation.

The situation in detail is:

  • 1 .qvw file which contains an EXECUTE command to launch a .bat file
  • 1 NPrinting project which contains a reload activity that call this .qvw file
  • 1 QMC task which reload the NPrinting project.

I'm able to execute the .bat file (through the EXECUTE istruction) only when I log directly into the Server with an Admin user and launching manually the Nprinting task.

I have already flagged these options:

  • User Preferences: Script (Allow Database Write and Execute Statements)
  • Document Properties: Admin Override Security

QV version installed is "Server QV11 SR13"

External programs QV.jpg


Thans in advance


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

My 2cts: read RObs suggestion in this thread (detailing the AllowExecuteCommand switch) and Diego's correct answer detailing the permissions problem he managed to solve: Publisher - Run task with execute command

Creator III
Creator III

Try to execute the qvw with the .bat in the QMC using a command line execution in Publisher...

Surely before that you should e sure that the user that runs the tasks haw rights to execute bat files on the Publisher server....

Father/Husband/BI Developer

What is your purpose on executing a .bat file from a qvw? why are you using this method?

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