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Creator III
Creator III

What Report is using a QVD

I have not found anything specific, but is there a simple way to just view things connected to or reliant upon a Qvd? I want to take inventory of our Qvds here as many have been around before my time. I want to free up server space if available as available load time is running low. I cannot think of a way besides renaming a Qvd file so that reports blow up over night and I can tell which if any reports use it.

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You could check when they were last accessed at the Windows level.


This is something the governance dashboard can do . It has a tab that takes a stab at data lineage by analyzing the FROM statements in the script and listing all the unique values (such as QVD names).  It associates these sources with the QVW name.

The screen i'm referring to is below.  Under 'Sources' you will see QVD names , and if you select one, the QVW Names in the list box on the left are filtered accordingly.



Champion III
Champion III


Go through document Analyzer byRob Wunderlich

Document Analyzer V2 -- a major update