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Why AJAX/Java

We use the IEplugin which is a straight forward method of making documents available through a browser.

I read about AJAX and Java clients which seem to add additional complications albeit removing the need for a local client install. However, a user still seems to require a licence.

My question is therefore where do these clients provide an advantage - when would you use them? What am I missing?



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Champion III

Not really my area, but I'd think the advantage IS that you don't need to do a local client install. Have a new user? Send them the link, and they're up and running using one of your floating CALs, or whatever they're called. Upgrading to the latest version of QlikView? You don't need to upgrade any user PCs. I know in our shop, for instance, we've done a poor job of keeping everyone on the same version of QlikView. I'd think that problem would go away if we were using the AJAX client.

Mind you, I took a look at some of my applications in AJAX a while ago, and they were totally unacceptable. But if I were designing specifically for it, I probably wouldn't have that problem.


John, you are correct that you have to design around the limitations of AJAX. However, with each new release of QV it is getting better. The goal is to have AJAX look just like the plug-in

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IEPlugin can be a good solution, particulary in in Intranet environment. But out "in the world" not everyone has IE and not everyone runs windows.

Both the AJAX and the Java client support other browers and platforms.


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Thanks for the replies - I now understand better.

I see what you mean about providing a better non-intranet solution. I often wonder though if the other clients are the best solution for the wider audience although I am intrigued by the use of java objects.