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reloading through QV Server(QMC) way slower then manual run

Hi Guys,

When im manually running a qvw on server its taking only 15 mins to complete, but im reloading the task on the same qvw on QMC its taking 5 hours to run.

Here this QVW is pointing to SQL SERVER to fetch the tables.

I appreciate your help on this issue.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Which version of QlikView are you running?


Hi Ashok,

1. Ensure Document Logging is enabled on the QVW file.

2. Login to the QlikView Server or Publisher box with the service account which runs the QDS service and run the reload of the QVW in QlikView Desktop

3. Compare the document log from step 2 to an existing document log from when reload run via QV Server/Pub (these should be the same measure of time)

4. Run the reload of the QVW in QlikView Desktop, but this time use the user account you typically do.

5. Compare the document log from step 4 to document log from step 2.

If the reload run using typical user account is shorter than reload using the server account, then issue is likely account prioritization on the SQL db. Would work with your DBA about getting the service account configured like the typical user account.

Hope this helps,


Principal Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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