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2018 NCAA Picks -- (done with TournaKit, for its 5th year!)

Hello Qlikers!

WOW! It is NCAA basketball tournament time again, and things have already gotten underway in earnest.  Not much time left to pick your brackets before winners appear, but we're going to get started here using TournaKit (made with QlikView).  Oh yeah, wow... I'm jacked.

So here's a screenshot of the seedings (no picks applied yet), and later on I'm going to add my picks (which I apologize will likely be horribly wrong), and maybe demonstrate it capturing picks from multiple users (we can save our progress and switch between brackets if needed).

But maybe use the opportunity to highligh some other features of "TournaKit" the tournament tracking app.  

Who doesn't enjoy March Madness!!! TournaKit_02_2018_NCAA_Basketball_Tournament_cleared.png

1 Reply

I made my picks! (in a contest between set-analysis & basketball, set-analysis wins... by a nudge) TournaKit_02_2018_NCAA_Basketball_Tournament_Evan_picks.png

real result updates to be posted later!