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3 levels division in set analysis.


I have maintained 1 more column in excel with N or D

and wrote the expression as sum({ Divisor = {'N'} >} Amt)/ sum({< Divisor = {'D'} >} Amt)

and this is working fine.

But now I want 3 levels of division. eg.: a/b/c

How to do this?Administrator

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Hi Pankaj,

Not clear. Please explain little more what you are expecting.

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I have to do division using set analysis, but the division is 3 levels.

like sum({ Divisor = {'N'} >} Amt)/ sum({< Divisor = {'D'} >} Amt)/ sum({< Divisor = {'D'} >} Amt1)

but which will be numerator and which is denominator is mentioned in my excel.

and also for some rows I have to just do 2 levels of division and for some rows 3 levels.

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Can you please share some mock data and example, may be i can help you.

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I have attached 3 files.

1. Data file containing sample data.

2. Particulars file which is used to link data in DB using interval range.

3. Qvw file

if you check the particluars.xls, as per that I have to do division of row1/row2/row3.