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[ASK] turn off container in container auto minimize

Hello qlikview user..

i have a strange behaviour in container.

I have total 3 container : C-B-A

THen i join thos container (C and B) into one container (A)

When i select nothing, it's normal. But when i select / click diemsnion, the botton chart (A) make the sceond cantinor to close.

i've attached the pic.


No 1 is the condition when i select nothing, and no 2 is the condition after i select "Fiscal".

how to prevent that behaviour?

ps : i've uncheck the automize option

many thx

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In container A, go to properties->presentation->container type->select grid

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Also, in container A properties on the presentation tab, you can select columns as 1 and rows as 2.

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i've done that but the behavior keep showing

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Could you provide me an example file?

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Jacob is correct, if you set the container type to grid you can show them all. 


I have seen strange behaviors in containers, above all with nested containers, but in last Qlik version (11.20) I didn't get any problems.

If you can post your Qlik doc we can try with different Qlik version.

I suppose you have a grid (A, 2 rows, 1 col) and inside A two single object (B C) container