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Access Denied QEMC Reload only


I am trying to reload a document on the Qlikview Server on Qlikview Enterprise Management Console and it keeps failing.  I have set the log file on the document and in the log file it says: Error: Cannot open file '\\UNC Path\file.csv Access is denied.

I have logged onto the Server as the same account that is setup on QEMC and reloaded the document manually and it runs fine without error.  I have also gone to the correct UNC Path and I am able to open the file.

Would anyone be able to help with this please?


Jon Ditchfield

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We're running into this now as well.

A few additional details on our situation: The QVW that's failing is one that reads several tables from a database and several Excel files and then stores each table to a QVD file. Reading from the database and storing QVDs works fine, it's the Excel files that are failing.

If I copy the folder the source XLSX documents are in and point my script paths to that folder, it works fine. Permissions are set up properly, the QlikView services are running as .\Administrator and the Administrator specifically has full permissions to the files and to the folder containing them.

We thought maybe someone else had the file open, but went into Computer Management and killed all open sessions and files and it still failed.

Any ideas for where to look next would be very much appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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I know this is an old post but I've just come across this as well. QV document reloads from databases fine, but gets to xls file and then fails with access denied. Service account that QV runs under had permissions and if I log onto the server as the account I can open, edit and save the document fine.

Interested to know if anyone found an answer for this one. Is the workaround just to move the file somewhere else?

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Are you using UNC paths? We've found that UNC paths don't work well in QV script so we're trying to avoid them. Map a drive to the folder instead.

However, that actually wasn't contributing to the problem when I posted back in December - They were local files. We never did resolve that error, we had to simply point the script to the new (copied) folder that we created. That works fine. Still don't know the actual cause of the problem.

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Thanks for the quick reply,

We are using UNC paths. This was working on the same server previously but as a local file and also we only had the Desktop software - we've now upgraded to using Enterprise Server and moved the files onto the network.

I'll try copying to another UNC path first in case that fixes it and then try local if it still doesn't work.