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Contributor III
Contributor III

Accumulation Not working for Calculating other columns

Hello Guys - I have a simple requirement here, But for some reason it is not working..

In a straight table, i have columns  added picks, completed picks, which are regular calculations based on data from tables.

After that i have Begin, added picks cumulative and completed picks cumulative which are same calculations as above but i am giving "full accumulation" for these 3 columns.

And then i have # of Picks which is basically "begin + added picks cumulative - completed picks cumulative".

So when i am doing this # of picks column calculation based on the Full Accumulation columns, I would assume it showing results based on Full accumulation value for that row instead showing result based on the actual value..

Is there any thing i am missing here. or doing anything wrong. Please see the attached sheet for more data.

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Try this:

Rangesum(Above(TOTAL Count({<StatusType={'Begin'}>}TransactionAmt), 0, RowNo(TOTAL)),

  Above(TOTAL Count({<StatusType={'Added'}>}TransactionAmt), 0, RowNo(TOTAL)))

-RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Count({<StatusType={'Completed'}>}TransactionAmt), 0, RowNo(TOTAL)))



Because your table has 2 dimensions (one of them is hidden)

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you Sunny and Anjos , your effort and help is highly appreciated.


No problem at all. We are glad we were able to help