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Add Expression to a slider object

HI all,

I'm trying to use a slider to set a variable from a list of values that meet a particular criteria. in the example below Im trying to use the slider to set a question id variable from a sub set of id's where [What type of business do you work in?] includes a F.

=AGGR(if( WildMatch([What type of business do you work in?],'*F*'),[What type of business do you work in?]) , [What type of business do you work in?] )


thanks for any help


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Specialist II
Specialist II


Putting your expression into a slider object limits the items from [What type of business do you work in?] field shown to those including F (or f).

When you use the slider to select from this then QV applies the selection - so assuming your ID/id is associated with the question field above then how does the variable come in, as can you not just reference the ID field?


I may well be misunderstanding what you are trying to do, do put up some pictures if you can.