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Contributor III
Contributor III

Add trigger to tab/object on selection

Hi everyone

I'm new to QlikView and could use some input for a problem.

I have a container with 3 tabs. The first main tab, is a container with 2 charts that each have a their own alternative state and their own list boxes. When I navigate to one of the other 2 tabs in my container, I'd like if those list boxes was hidden, and that they would reappear when you navigate to the first tab again. The list boxes only work with the first tab, and they only confuse when users view the other tabs.

I have experimented with hiding objects, and I can hide my list boxes with a button press, but I'd like to make it so that the list boxes are hidden when I change tabs in my container.

Any help is appreciated

- Casper 

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi how are you!

You can do it using variables to hide your objects(list box, graph or anything)

See this post example to how you do

The main purpose is create variables and the conditions with this variables, this conditions will be set 1 or 0 for example depends what you want to hide/show

Hope Helps



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for the reply.

I think I understand what you mean. The issue for me is, how do I change the variable when I switch tabs in the container? I know how to do it with a button, but I'd like to do it with the container instead.