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Creator III
Creator III

Adding (and Subtracting) Years in a Straight Chart

Hi Experts.

I have a goo done for you today.

I have a planned straight chart and would like to show the following year planned information when the user is in the current year.

I have created a variable called vLookAhead: AddYears(YearStart(Year),1) where I would like to add it to the follwoing expression for the current years planned data:

=Count({$<[Date Type]={'Dates'},Reference_Only={'No'}>}[Sales])

All dates are coming into the Dashboard via a Date Bridge. I am also using a Master Calendar and in order for the Dashboard to pull the right date from corresponding file, I have to specify it i.e. [Date Type] = {'VPP Dates'}.

Can someone please help me with setting up the Set Analysis for this?

Ideally, the final table will look like the attached where 2018, 2017, and 2016 will be subsequent one row charts below the main 2019 chart.

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