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Advanced Input Box Data Capture

Hi QV Community,

I've been asked to convert a tool from Excel into QlikView and have a concern about one of the pieces of functionality.

The tool allows a user to paste in a list of SKUs and matching Quantities, and the tool outputs what the total costs, profits, data would be matching those inputs. In the past, I've built dashboards that allow me to paste in a list of SKUs or other values and been fine, but I'm concerned about trying to input multiple values at a time (especially if one is quantity which probably only be used in a calculation and wouldn't be in the data. Is there a clean way to do this in QV? Maybe a way to build an array or matrix off of a data input?

Here's what the input box looks like:

Input Box.PNG.png

Thanks for your help!!!


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Oh no...30 inputs is way too many...and is very tedious to achieve. limiting it to 5 sets is what i would be comfortable using. this is not an inherent capability of qlik but a mere workaround to achieve a multi capture input box functionality that can address our need. sorry!

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Jonathan,

The Asset Mangement dashboard you mentioned contains an 'input' object which accepts a string with line-feed characters, this is important to paste data directly from excel, a very powerful feature for end-users.

It seems that this solves a problem we are currrently facing: If we paste a column from excel into an input box, it accepts only the first part of de data, until the first line-feed character.

I've tried the solutions described in the fora with variable event triggers, this works fine in the desktop version, but not in our AccessPoint with AjaxZFP (we are running QV 11.20 SR5).

You wrote that someone created an extention for this Assett Management dashboard.

Can you tell me where I can find this extention and a description howe to install/use this?

Kind regards Michel