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Advanced Set analysis

Hi all,

I need to calculate Count of contract numbers and have applied set expressions.

Count(DISTINCT{<Contract_number = {"=$(=Num(MonthEnd(Max(Date)))) - Max({<YearName=,Month=>}Intimation_Date) >=120  "},Intimation_Date = {"<=$(=Max(Intimation_Date))"}>}Contract_number),

How can i apply condition in area Highlighted as in need it to be in between 120-150 days not jus >=120 how and where can i write

=<150 in same expression

(Contract_number = {"=$(=Num(MonthEnd(Max(Date)))) - Max({<YearName=,Month=>}Intimation_Date) >=120  "})

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


I think like Set analysis sum between two given dates

Count(DISTINCT{<Contract_number = {"=$(=Num(MonthEnd(Max(Date)))) - Max({<YearName=,Month=>}Intimation_Date) >=120<=150  "},Intimation_Date = {"<=$(=Max(Intimation_Date))"}>}Contract_number)

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Hi ,

tried (>=120<=150) Its returning 0 value ,ideally it should not