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Aggregating a sum to different dimensions

Hello to everybody! This forum has been a great help so far, but I have found a problem that I haven´t been able to solve using the current available knowledge. First of all, thank you for taking time going through my doubt.

What I am trying to achieve is the expression 1 in the image: to sum every count depending on Dim2 but ignoring Dim1, and using it as it is shown below. The count doesn´t appear like that, but comes from the count operation of different IDs


What I have reached so far, by using this expression =sum( aggr(count({<Dim1>}  distinct ID), Dim2)) throws this strange result:


I hope someone can help, and that I will be able to help others in the near future

Kind regards

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Try this

Count(TOTAL <Dim2> {<Dim1>} DISTINCT ID)

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Thank you very much! It worked perfectly. I have one more question:

If we one to select the Dim1 from a list box in order to show only my desired ones, how could I achieve it? Through the formula used above, it always shows every Dim1, no matter whether it is selected.

Thank you very much so far Sunny!


That is because of the set analysis you had in your initial post.... try this