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Creator III
Creator III

Alerts: sending email, but not on partial reload


I have a series of calculations done in my scrip that I would like the user to reload given a new value in an input field. For specific reasons, these are kept in the script and will not be taken out to the dashboard.

I have alerts that send out emails, but I would the alert to only be trigger when there is an automatic relaod of the document at 6am, but not when the user manually reloads the document.

I was thinking of using partial reloads for only the calculated bits, and not retrieving data from the Database. But the alerts are still triggered when it's a partial reload.

Anyone one have cues on this. Should I be using a macro? I wouldn't even know where to start, I don't know the VBA functions very well.

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Creator III
Creator III

Right now investigating using the reloadtime() criteria in the condition of the alert to determine if it is a reload that has occured during the automated reloads, or if it is any other reload.

Will post results