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Align tables with broken sequences - Challenge


As the examples below, I have a "Table 1" production employee per day. In this table each employee, each day has an expected sequence of values ​​to be realized. Below is an example:


I have a "Table 2" of similar officials to "Table 1", which shows the sequence of actual data. But this "Table 2" sometimes does not follow the same sequence of "Table 1".


So when next the two tables can not align the values ​​to display the result.


I thought of a solution, and it involves comparing all values ​​of "Table 2" of an employee / day, with all the values ​​of "Table 1" of the same employee / day and after subtracting these values​​, those who have the smallest difference are correspondents table2 that are aligned with the sequence of Table 1.

Expected result:


You can do this in QlikView?

Thanks in advance!


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Attached with answer. This was an interesting one.Got my gears moving.

Please check out the back-end script in the attached file for clarity.




Concatenate the two tables together in the load script and give the Value in Table1 and the Value in Table 2 unique names.  You will then be able to build a single chart in the QlikView UI that compare the two tables.

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AJ, thanks for the reply!

Already thank you for trying to understand my problem, but you went further and gave a solution!


I'm "debugging" your code to understand the logic.

Just to share a little more, the real problem is because I have a scale of work provided for an employee, and the fulfillment of this scale is verified through the records of a biometric reader. In the case we have no interface between the scale system and records the biometric reader.

Once again thank you!


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Hello friend, thank you for the support and suggestion.