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Allocated memory exceeded in qvw file

Hi Friends,

Can anyone tell what is Allocated memory Exceeded means and how it will impact on the qvw file which it exists and how to sort out this problem.


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Increase ur RAM size..

if your application size is 100MB then each user will require additional 10% of that, meaning 10MB for storing their own calculations and navigation.

     So now you can calculate how much RAM you might require if your application size is Hugh.


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Hi Bika,

My application size is 71.5 MB and the server Installed memory(RAM) is 72 GB in this case how much RAM I need to require to perform calculations? Could you tell me? If so how can I get that RAM size and whether this problem willsort out if I create the qvw file from scartch?



That error can happen too when there's an error in an expression. Check your expressions for syntax errors. Or you simply added too many dimensions to a chart. If you add more than seven dimensions you should consider reducing that number, or using conditions to show/hide dimensions as needed, or creating a couple of simpler charts instead of just one big complicated one.

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it will work