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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Allocated memory exceeded on dimension expression

Hi all,

I have a dimension in a pivot table based on the following expression:

=chr(39) & Week

The problem is that this generates 'allocated memory exceeded' error.  Removing the expression from the dimension helps correcting the error.

I'm using the desktop version.


Unfortunately, the dimension has to be formated (therefore, the expression). Can you help please ?




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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

I'm not noticing the "exceeded on dimension" error! When does it happen? It seems the computation is correct isn't it?


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Often it's useful to create all needed date-fields within the master-calendar even if it meant to keep several week- or month-fields there instead of formatting/adjusting them within UI.

If your aim of formatting this field is to avoid an automatically interpreting by an excel-export you could also add a non visible space, for example: chr(8203).

- Marcus

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


Finally, I added a new field in the load script. This field is based on the Week Dimension : Week & chr(8203). This solves the export in Excel/CSV issue and is transparent for the final user.

Thank you for the suggestion !