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Alternate State triggers not working on web

Hi All,

We have an issue. We have 5 different alternate states. when we switch among tabs through buttons . The triggers apply on them works fine on the desktop version but when the application is move to web Accesspoint . The triggers doesn't work . !

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Alternate states do not have triggers. Sheets do, but if you're using buttons for navigation then you can add the actions to the button just as well. You don't need the sheet triggers in that case.

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Thanks Gysbert

Thanks for the reply.

My question was not that clear enough apologies

Problem is we are navigating on dashboard through buttons  on every sheet we are putting up the text box where we say (welcome + user first name and lastname)  and we have provide alternate state to this text box according to the tab.

When we switch between these sheets with button the name is not coming on other screen when we apply through Accesspoint. However its working on the desktop version.



Creator II
Creator II

I have the same issue. Any luck solving the issue?