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Creator II
Creator II

Alternate states and Max on selection


I am trying to combine 2 formulas, I would like to transfer the selections from 'Master Month Date' to MonthLogged_Open_Balance but on the MAX date.

I have written both but can not see how to transfer the selection into an alt state and then perform a max lookup

How can I transfer the below formula into the bottom formula?


Count(distinct {
[Base Selection]<[ID]={2},[MonthLogged_Open_Balance]=$::[Master Month Date],[BusinessArea_Open_Balance]=[Base Selection]::BusinessArea,TPACompany_Open_Balance=[Base Selection]::TPACompany,Table={'Pipeline'}>} %KEY_CaseIDR5_Open_Balance)

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It's not clear to me what you want. This perhaps? MonthLogged_Open_Balance={"$(=DATE(MAX({$}[Master Month Date]),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}

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Creator II
Creator II


MonthLogged_Open_Balance is in a data island on a different Alternate State, I would like to link the Master Month field from the default state to it.

And then only use the max month in Master Month Date.