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Alternative for above function

Hi Team,

Please find the sample data as an attachment.

In this example: I am using one dimension and two expression. I am using two dimension as drill down (Quarter and YearMonth) and One expression([OIT-Revenue]) is Calculated in back end and another expression(Backlog), I am calculating on front end using above and below function.

Requirement: I want if I click on Quarter then it will show me the monthly data but because I am using Above and Below function my second expression(Backlog) is not working. I know this can be achieved by back end calculation for second expression but I don't want to use back end calculation. So is it possible to achieve desired output through front end calculation only.

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This part of your expression is strange...


You are comparing strings using >? 2018Q2 is not a number, but a text and same is true for Quarter field... you can check for equal when it comes to strings, but not > or <.... it is better to create a new QuarterYear field which has an underlying Numerical Value... for instance using QuarterStart(Date) as QuarterYear..

I think you need to get that straight and then provide info on what exactly is the expected output with and without selections