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Amendable data table to create variable

Hi all

I have a report set up with one page of charts driven by a particular variable in the source data.

The problem I have is that variable is often filled in incorrectly or left blank therefore the charts are wrong or blank.

What I'd like to do - if its even possible - would be to display the variable split by year in a normal table but allow the user to amend or fill in where there are blanks in order to drive the charts.

I know this is far from ideal and we should focus on getting the source data correct but this is a seldom used metric but can create very powerful charts - and with time and education we can 'train' the users to get it right.

Hopefully this makes sense!

Many thanks

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Use an InputField for that variable so users can change the content of that field. See the help file for more information: Inputfield ‒ QlikView

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