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Another Container Problem (no refresh) QV11 SR1


QV11 SR1 Build 11282 x64

I have a container object with presentation of 2 rows and 3 lines.

I also have a “Shown” condition on the container as If(#Arbetsyta1 = 'Översikt' AND #Arbetsyta2 = 'Tabeller',1,0)

When I open the application where the default is “Diagram” and switch to “Tabeller” the container is not update all objects. This is very random. Sometimes 0 of 6 tables is updated  and sometimes 3 or 4 tables.

If I doubleclick on the “Tabeller” or click on any other fields all object is updated/refresh.

Any Ide what’s wrong?




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I also see this problem a lot, it has to be a bug for QV 11 SR1 in combination with the full client or ie plugin, on the server and use of AJAX its working fine. I hope they will fix this issue soon.