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Architecture of reporting system.


What is very painful in all documents which are available online I don't see document with "easy" concept of storing files which are implemented with one of recommended architecture:

From my side, we have maybe ~30 views on teradata db ( with small amount of rows ) it means that I'll have to create ~30  extracts, but what next.

-  How do we setup environment directories / variables  etc

-  Where should I store qvd files, qvw

- Should I implement external cmd script to prepare all extracts?

- What about scripts which will calculate rest from qvd ( maybe to another qvds )

- What about versioning and implementation of configuration files, migration between evironments.

I was thinking about something like:

All databases ( just 2, 3 ) should be stored in configuration file  eg: // don't bother syntax for OS //

## configuration file



extract_path = global_path+"data/in"

some_database = environment_name + "_some_database"

some_database_two = environment_name + "_some_database_two"

Any concepts ?

Thank You

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