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Audit Logfile: some sessions do not have a Close Message

From the Audit file found in ...\QlikTech\QlikviewServer\Audit_[server].log, I see the following columns:

[Server Started], [TimeStamp], [Document], [Type], [User], [Message], [Id] and [Session].  Sometimes some of my [session] field repeat for different users.  This is odd, but I create a KeyField by concatenating [Session], [User] and[Server Started].  While examining this file I see in the [Message] field an 'Open' and 'Close' among other contents, but it looks as if I have an Open at the beginning of a "Session" and a Close at the end of a "Session".  In my file, I see 3,577 distinct KeyFields.  Of those Distinct KeyFields, 68 DO NOT have a Close row in the audit file.  I am am wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.

In my attached screen shot I have scrolled to the bottom of my list to show the last record of the first session along with the first record of the second session.  Notice there is only one record for the second session and there is an Open record at the top of the table for the first session.LogExample.png

Thanks in advance


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