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Contributor III
Contributor III

Authentication based url load is filling up C-drive space in Qlikview


Hi All,



I am experienced a weird issue. My qlikview app is reading data from authentication based url (Svn commits xml report from Sub version).


On every reload, before the data loaded into qlikview application, xml files are being created in temporary internet folder in C- Drive. For every refresh of qlikview app, the temporary internet files folder consumption is getting increased by 152MB. Because of this C drive is filled frequently.


We observed this issue after upgrading to Qlikview 12. Did anybody face any similar type of issue or does anyone have any solution for loading the svn reports without storing temporary internet files folder. Thanks for your inputs



Load script is as below:


LOAD * FROM [https://UserId:password@subversion.ny.xyzcompany.com/svn/repos/FEASDLCTOOLS/reports/subversion/SVN_c...password@subversion.ny.xyzcompany.com/svn/repos/FEASDLCTOOLS/reports/subversion/SVN_commit_reports/id/$(vCommitLinks)] (XmlSimple, Table is [audit/reports]);

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