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Creator III
Creator III

Auto turn on / off Script

Hi Experts

I am doing following method in my script.

I have created 5 script tabs for creation of QVD. I have created script file (.QVS) and exported it on my shared drive.

I am using following If condition to turn on off script every month

set RUN_Tab1 =1;

set RUN_Tab2 =1;

set RUN_Tab3 =1;

set RUN_Tab4 =1;

set RUN_Tab5 =1;

using If condition I am controlling the script run. IF RUN_Tab1=1 then XXX XXX EndIF

When set RUN_Tab1 =0 it will simply skip that script and move to next one respectively..

Every month on 15th we need to turn on

set RUN_Tab3 =1;

set RUN_Tab4 =1;

and after refresh turn off like this..

set RUN_Tab3 =0;

set RUN_Tab4 =0;

Is there any way I can automatically turn on / off this without changes to shared drive script file?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Ashish, have you tried to use LET to check the day before assigning 1 or 0?, ie:

LET RUN_Tab3 = If(Day(Today())=15, 1, 0);