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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Automated method to allocate Tokens to Users


Is there any way to allocate automatically Tokens to users in qlik sense? I mean If I have 100 Users, I need to open the Hub for the first time for each user ( 100 times/100 users) and then allocate 100 tokens to 100 users ( 100 times).

Thank you

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Nancy,

Depending on your requirement you can add in a rule which gives anyone hitting the box a User Access Token. Just put in "userId like *" in your rule.

It gets a bit more complicated if you want to give user access tokens depending on an AD group. You can set a rule to do this automatically, however, when a new users hits the Qlik Sense hub, it does not immediately assign the user a token. Qlik Sense first synchronizes with the User directory connection and after that synchronization has taken place, it can then successfully apply the rule.

This means that the user will hit the hub once, get an access denied error, wait 5'-10' and then everything will work fine.

If there's a more clever way to achieve the same, please enlighten me.



Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


You have to create "User access rules" :

- In the QMC, open "License and Token"

- Access "User access rules" or "Login Access rules" based on the type to be assigned automatically

- Click on "Create new"

- Set the assignment rules (group, user ...)

- Validate

Hope this helps!


Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Any update on this issue? I'd like to allocate tokens to all users originating from a given user directory. I've set up a "User access rule" to do so, but the rule never triggers and I still have to allocate the token by hand.


When creating user access rules, there is an option for userDirectory, therefore your rule would be: