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Automatic Reload QVW on daily basis (google Spreadsheet connector)


we have a qvw file where we loaded data using the qlik connector- Google drive and spreadsheet connector

I have a requirement to sent the email alerts daily based on the reload,so for this i need to create automatic reloads on daily basis (normally it was achieved by using .bat file )

will the bat file works in this scenario,if works please let me know the steps

and i have qlikview server and publisher

Thanks in advance

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Hope below suggestion helps.

1. Create a Alert using Tools -> Alert Wizard

2.  In step 3 select the "On Post Reload" option

3. Define your Custom Message and recipients

3. If you have publisher, create a task to reload the dashboard and schedule it with daily refresh.

4. Through publisher, if the task reload the QVW, on post reload the email will be sent

Creator II
Creator II

Thanks Krishnapriya.

Can you please share sample application, if possible.


Hi Sanket,

I should not upload any documents from my client machine.

Hope the Steps mentioned are clear. If you found any issue let me know.