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Partner - Creator

Automating PDF Macro through QMC

Good day everyone

I have a client with a small environment running QV Server. They do not wish to spend extra money on NPrinting, so we are trying to implement the "old school" pdf solution.

Currently, the environment is setup and working as below:

1. A continuous reload checks for a new file in a location

2. If a new file exists, EDX fires to reload the actual model

> The users can then go in and print QV reports as needed.

The request is to, after point 2 above, select a single option from a specific dimension that is associated with the latest file, then automatically generate and email the reports.

We used the route to create a Macro that runs the reports through PDF-Xchange. When the report prints from PDF-Xchange, it creates a file called QV Report, which the Macro then renames before moving on to the next report. The settings in PDF-Xchannge is setup to not open the Save As box, and to always overwrite.

Firing this setup from a button on the front end of the model works exactly as expected, and the emails arrive.

The next step was to call this model from a BAT file to physically open QV.exe, pass the print variable to run the macro, and close when done. Again, testing this by double clicking the BAT works exactly as expected and the emails are sent.

Now we created a small model to only reload an execute command for the BAT file. This is added to a tree to reload after the main model has reloaded. All the securities are setup correctly, and if I test a simple BAT file to rename a file to something else, it works perfect through QMC.

However, this is now our issue - when linking the BAT to run the QV job it does not work. The reload log stops at execute batch file. The Task Manager shows a QV.exe opened, but nothing further.

Has anyone done a setup like this? I am not sure what we might be missing?

Additional info:

* All the above front end was tested with the windows account that runs QVService

* I believe all QV settings are correct with regard to running macros or execute commands, otherwise it wouldn't have run in the front end either

* The server's ini is changed to allow execute commands

* There is no section access

* Windows setting allows user to run BAT as service

* All the appropriate folders have full Read/Write permissions for this user

* The model was opened with the always allow macro, and saved with the system access settings.

* This is QV11.2

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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