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Average Order Quantity Calculation

II have no clue how to calculate the value for: Average Order Quantity per Period or per SalesPerson.

I have the Nr of Orders, OrderItems, the Quantity per Item.


Jul/2006: Mr. Bond: has made 4 Orders, 29 Order-Items and Quantity of 51

Is the Average: sum(Sales.OrderQuantity) / (count((SalesOrderNr)) / count(distinct((SalesOrderNr))))) ?

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You would typically have "Period" or "SalesPerson" as your chart dimension, and in that case, the average Order Quantity would be:

sum(Sales.OrderQuantity) / count(distinct SalesOrderNr)

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Thanks, that helped.

However, I needed on Order Item Level, means: sum(Sales.OrderQuantity)/Count(Sales.OrderNr).
Distinct is in this case not good, it would reduce from Oder-Detail to Oder-Header.