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Creator III
Creator III

Back up with out data

Hi all,

Is there any way to take back up of set of Qlik apps without data.

Limit load/ Reduce data <--  These are something which we have to manually do to reduce data. Which is very difficult when we have more number of apps.


Say We have 50 apps each 300 MB . So we have to back-up of all apps automatically on daily basis. Any help ??

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Creator III
Creator III

yeah. This is a great first step. It opens in no time. Bt still manually we have to save all applications. Is there a way to automate it too?

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks For the Start Guys!

Finally Done it simple way

Add this script in every application

//LET vVar=1; //un comment only for the first time reload then permanently comment it

if ($(vVar)=0) then

SET vVar=1;

EXIT Script;


//Whole Application Scripting part comes here ;


Now Comes the batch Part

"C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\qv.exe"/r /vvVar=0 "<qvw Path>"

/r for reload and save /v to pass variable

Place the Above code in Batch file then run it saves application with out data

Any other way kindly post those also