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Creator III
Creator III

Bar chart missing dates when doing selections


I have a bar chart showing the revenue week over week. There are some weeks for which there is no revenue and as consequence the week is not appearing in the chart when selecting the country. If I don't select the country then it works....

What I'd like to get is all weeks listed in the x axis whatever there is revenue or not and once the country is selected

Attached the QV with the issue I'm facing.

Please help.


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Try this expression

=Sum(Units) + Sum({1<Week = $::Week>} 0)


Sunny Bhai, Probably i would wait since 4 months for this? Correct me if i am wrong?

Yours =Sum(Units) + Sum({1<Week = $::Week>} 0)

Mine =Sum(Units) + Sum({1<Week = P(Week)>} 0)

Note- Does, $:: is similar to P(). What i understand is P() gets all possible values where $:: returns all possible values + Null values where data is not there. Can you give a shot for understand better. Or my understand is Okay?

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$:: and p() serve different purpose.

$:: will filter the expression based on direct selection of the week field

p() will filter the expression based on indirect selection of the week field also (in addition to direct selection).

I wouldn't use p() here because for regions which don't have week available will be filtered out...