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Barchart with different labels than dimension


I have a table with persons and one table with occasions where the persons have been active. In the table with persons there are UserId and UserName. The problem I have is there are several persons with the same name, but of course different UserId. When I create a bar chart graph with persons as dimension and occasion as expression I would like to have one bar for each person. This works if I use UserId as dimension, but then the lable of the bar will be UserId. If I use UserName as dimension all users with the same name will added in one bar.

Does anybody have a suggestion how I can have the UserId as dimension, but the UserName as label on the bars?

Best regards Jonas Berglund

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Here is an idea to try:
If UserId is numeric, use calculated dimension in your chart:
dual(UserName, UserId)
If it is not numeric, create a numeric uniqued Id for user, for example by using RowNo() as UserNumId, and your calculated dimension will be
dual(UserName, UserNumId)
I didn't try, but don't see a reason why it wouldn't work.


Thank you, Michael, it worked staight away in the chart!

Best Regards Jonas Berglund