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Contributor III
Contributor III

Batch script through QMC

Hi All,

I have written a macro which exports Table to an excel file.It works fine with Manual reload but its not working through QMC. I have seen all the posts over qlik community but nothing has helped.

I also tried with running Batch script through windows scheduler  and also tried with execute statement by writing to QVW file.

Scripts are as follows.

Batch script

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /l "\\YZWK01\QlikView\Dashboard\NewFolder\Test2.qvw"

Test2.QVW -- file where the macro is written.

QVW with execute statement:

EXECUTE cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /l "\\YZWK01\QlikView\Dashboard\NewFolder\Test2.qvw"

I tried all the options nothing worked out .Task keeps running over QMC forever.

Could anyone help on this asap?

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi @vidyarani, it should work with windos scheduler and setting a trigger OnPostReload, /l will keep the document open, /r can be used to save and close the document, leaving it closed to allow next execution to open it again.

Confirm that the credential executing the task has access to \\YZWK01\QlikView\Dashboard\NewFolder. Or set the user you are executing the manual load as the credewntials to execute the task.

Also, in module security (CTRL+M) you need to give access to system (I suppose you already has because it's working manually).

Other issue can be caused becasuse the credentials launching the task doesn't has a Qv license.

If you manually launch the windows task, what does it do?