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Contributor II

Best practice: Version management of qvw files

Hello community,

our company is using QlikView for roundabout two years.

Since then, many dashboards have been created and also dashboards have evolved. That leads to many versions of the same dashboard.

We have three environments: Producitve, QA and development. Furthermore, we have four layers: Extract, Transform Generic, Transform App and Visualize.

In QA and Prod, the latest developed version of a qvw is used. In Development, each layer and subfolder has an archive folder which contains each version of a qvw since the beginning.

Our question is: What is the best practice to handle the versions of a qvw?

Here, we don't mean version control solutions such as Subversion, but simply the archiving of old qvw files and the ability to recognize what version is currently used in Prod / QA environment.

So far, we simply add the version to the file name in DEV environment. But then, the version information is lost as soon as the file is transferred to Prod / QA.

Our idea and the recommendation of our consulting partner is to add the version information to the document title in the document properties and to show the title on the dashboard by using DocumentTitle(). So, the users as well as we (the developers) can easily see what version is currently used.

But before doing this we want to know if there is a better solution or any best practice for handling the version of a qvw.

Thank you in advance and best regards,


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I think I'd include most of the version information as comments in the script, including a changelog. For information that needs to be shown to users too I'd use variables or perhaps a small inline table. If you'd rather keep this information outside the document for easy editing you could use include files.

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