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Creator III
Creator III

Best practices for Data Modeling

Hi All,

so far i have done data modeling like below

1.Loading All the tables into QV App

2.Removing Sythetic keys,Circular References and garbage fields.

3.and Other transfermations.

Apart from this I'm expecting other Best practices for Data Model designing


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Go through this PDF may this will help you..

Creator III
Creator III

I think this is more of generic document from QlikTech.Eventhough it is addressing good DM designing.

I'm actully expecting  best approch or way for DM design.


*DM-Data Model

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What is the question?


Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

You can also do this steps:

  1. Check the quality issue of your data. Many values may be in a incoerent format, for example: there might be some values that need to be precieved like a number and they are precieved like a text;
  2. Choose the best data model that fits in your solution. See the image bellow:Untitled.png
  3. Organize your script logically naming tabs with the same name as the table that you LOAD/make in that tab. This really helps you to STORE the tables in qvd's files to use this in your final solution;
  4. Choose wisely what is your level in a n-tier Data Arquitecture so that you can decide wish is the best approach when scripting.

Hope these 4 steps can give you a better and summarize way to understand the basics of best practice in Data Modeling