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Contributor II
Contributor II

Box plot only showing first value outliers, Urgent Help!


I created a box plot to show the distribution of CycleTimes, but when I change its orientation it only shows the outliers for the first row.


The pictures below show the same box plot.


Upper whisker formula: 

Max(If([Cycle Time]*60<= Aggr(2.5*Fractile(total <Name> [Cycle Time]*60,0.75) -1.5*Fractile(total <Name> [Cycle Time]*60,0.25), Name, [Cycle Time]*60), [Cycle Time]*60))

Lowe Whisker:

Min(If([Cycle Time]*60>= Aggr(2.5*Fractile(total <Name> [Cycle Time]*60,0.25) -1.5*Fractile(total <Name> [Cycle Time]*60,0.75), Name, [Cycle Time]*60), [Cycle Time]*60))

Only using 1 dimension which is Name (the name of the products).

I have been told that it might be a grain mismatch issue but I am not sure how to resolve it here.

Thank you.

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You should not have a grain mismatch just for changing the orientation of the chart. Would you be able to share a sample to test this out?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Sunny, 

Thank you for your reply, I created a sample for you.

Both Box plots are the same, the only difference is the orientation. Yet, the outliers disappear for all besides the first row once I make it horizontal.

Many thanks.



This does seem like some kind of a bug. I am seeing the same issue. I think you should reach out to Qlik Support to create a ticket with them.

Contributor II
Contributor II

I see, thanks!