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Creator II
Creator II

Brushing concept not working


I have a bar chart in my dashboard i am using brushing concept in this chart to get highted bar when it selected (like screen_1.gif) unselected bars will be grayed out.

I am using expresion " = if(rule_name=rule_name, Color(FieldIndex('rule_name',rule_name)),RGB(175,175,175)) " in Background color attribute for expression. I am not getting the Default color for the chart if i wirte this expression here.

Can some one help me to get default color for bars after this expression is applied in the attribute?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

It looks that the expression isn't valid and will be therefore ignored from qv. I assume that rule_name isn't always unique and will therefore return NULL - have a look here: It’s all Aggregations.

- Marcus