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Button to Filter on value in a Straight Table


   I have a Straight table with ID and an Expession, I want to select the values in the expression by creating a Button (Like a Flag between 1 and 0). But Is it possible, I have tried it and attached is the QVW but it is displaying null when I use same expression as a Button.  Please help on this.

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

When you make a selection on an expression, you are actually making selections on the underlying fields. Depending on the expression, this may give results different to what you expected. If you display a current selections box you can see exactly what selections were actually created.

The reason is that the expression value is a transient value meaningful only in the table. Selections are done on fields which persist throughout the model.

If you replace the expression with a derived field calculating the expression in the load script, you will be able to make simple selections on the derived field.

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