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Button to open a page

Hi guys,

I began to work with qlik personal edition a few days ago. My aim is to create a Dashboard composed of 4 pages. The main page will contain cutomer logo and three buttons (ButtonA, ButtonB and ButtonC) that I would like to use to bring the end-user to a specific page.

At the moment I have this situation: Main Page | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3. From Main Page I would like to click on ButtonA, get redirect to Page 1 and, at the same time, hide Page 2 and Page 3.

At the moment I created the link to open Page 1 (everything is working fine), but I can't understand how to configure the button to hide Page 2 and Page 3.

How could I get it? Any help please?

Thanks to you all.

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You should create additional variable



When you click the button to go to page 1,  add 2 more external / set variable actions to the same button



Then on the properties of the page2 and page2 buttons, go to the layout tab, and add a conditional show/hide expression

vHidePage2='False'   (on button for page 2)

vHidePage3='False'   (on button for page 3)

Just update the variables when users move sheets.  You can do this using actions on sheet triggers as well as the way you are doing through buttons

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Contributor III


Is this what you need?

Creator II
Creator II

why not hide the tabrow - Document properties - General - Hide tabrow

then just use buttons to activate the sheet (action - layout - activate sheet) you want displayed, no need for variables and hiding them

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Hi guys,

many thanks for all of your helpfull tips.

At the moment I decided to work with variables as seen in the attached file Thomas provided. I configured my items and now my buttons are working as I wanted.

See you for the next questions

Again many thanks.


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Contributor III

Happy to help.

I left the tab row visible to avoid any confusion. This, of course, means that manually changing the tabs on the tab row will knock the variables out of whack so hiding the tab row would avoid that.

Also if you notice the hidden condition uses the state of the variable with no need for an 'if', as does the action that changes the value of the variable.

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Done right now!