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Calculated dimension with null values stopt working after update qlik server 12.6 sp1

Several years I had a qvw document including section access controlled by one field. 

I have one chart displaying some filtered data using a 'calculated dimension'  . 

In my designer and via web user  the data looks different . 

Calculated dimension :    = if (Relatie.EFactuur.Email <> null() , null(), '-' )   and use the option 'suppress when value is null'

Qlikview  client :


web client: 


Disabling the option "suppress when value is null"  WILL show all data within the web client, but this is not what I wanted, as this worked before and how i had it designed. 

Also disabling section access will show the required data. 

Another test with calculated dimension "=if ( not isnull(Relatie.EFactuur.Email) , 'Gevuld', 'Leeg' )"  will show the value "Gevuld"  to the user , but the value "Leeg" ( in case value = null()  ) is NEVER shown as long as seccion acces is enabled


Some strange behaviour connected to null values ?

The test web user is an 'admin' user and has all access to all the data. Filtering is done on another main field and those values does show in other reports.

As I had developed this chart many years ago and send this report monthly to several users, my guess is that this behaviour changed installing webserver 12.6 ? Old server version was 12.2.  As downgrading my qlik server is not supported, I have no option to test this in an older version of qlik server. 

Anyone that could confirm this strange behaviour was indeed triggered by my server update ?

My preferred solution is not to drop my section access because part of this report is used by several users and the reports will be extracted my nprinting. NPrinting is in this case not the problem as my problem could be reproduced using the web client. 

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Chancing the null displayed char, I could see, as i'm using  the calculated dimension :

= if ( not isnull(Relatie.EFactuur.Email) and (trim(Relatie.EFactuur.Email) <> '') , 'Gevuld', 'Leeg' )  the actual displayed value  only within the web interface  is changed to null  ?


In my original design this would remain  displaying the text 'Leeg'

I did find an article https://adventuresinqlik.com/2018/03/11/the-problem-with-section-access-in-sense-with-workarounds/









Since this has more to do with Document design I will move this post to that board instead.