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Calculation of "Bradford Factor" for HR Depts


We have data supplied in the format of;

User     Date               Type

Mike     13/11/2013     Sickness

Mike     14/11/2013     Sickness

Mike     15/11/2013     Sickness

Mike     01/12/2013     Sickness

Mike     02/12/2013     Sickness

The key thing to note is that 13/11 to 15/11 is an "incident" and 01/12/2013 to 02/12/2013 is second incident.

The calc then used (No of instances) *  (No of instances) * (No of days off)

so 2x2x5 to give 20

The problem is calculating no of incidents, since absence could span weekend, but weekend dates are not normally included in data.

In the attached I had added a couple of entries for a weekend, just to ensure I was trapping them (excluding). I have also added a column which links dates together as incidents (Values A,B etc). In the real data this does not exist.

Any assistance welcome


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