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Contributor II
Contributor II

Can I Open an Old 32 Bit File on a 64 Bit Qlikview Version?

Can I Open an Old 32 Bit File on a 64 Bit Qlikview Version?

I am trying to open an old 32 Bit document and receive the following error message:

"Error opening document"

"Failed to open document"

Thank you for your help!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I never tried it. But also without the difference of 32/64 bit you can't open "too" old QlikView files. AFAIK Qlik supports the compability of at least 2 previous major-releases which meant you could with QV 12 open files which are stored with QV 10 and everything before is just a matter of luck. As a practically example I tried with QV 10 to open a QVW created with QV 4 and it failed - going back to QV 8 it worked (and after a storing it with QV 8 I could open the file with QV 10, too).

- Marcus

Master III
Master III

There should be no problem opening files created/saved with 32 bit QV on 64 bit QV. If the file doesn't open, several things might be in play:

1) File version is very, very old

2) You are locked out of the file because of security

3) The file in question was created in a personal edition version of QlikView and you are out of restores (note that several QV versions in the 12.2 tree have issues with opening any Personal Edition files even if you are using a fully licensed QV, so if you are using 12.2, make sure you have the latest SR).


If I'm not mistaken, the QVW file format has been pretty stable since v7. Aside from new object types and changed behavior, QlikView should be able to read and display documents from various Desktop versions. And in your case you're using the most modern QV Desktop to read an older document, which shouldn't pose any problem.

That's the theory...

Do you know when and by whom the document was created? You can get that info by having a look at the XML header, if there is one available.