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Can I get Realtime? Using a slave replication to get as close to realtime as possible

Hi All,

And thanks for any answers or opinions in advance.

Our company has many sites across Australia and im told our implementation partner is looking to have overnight refreshing of QV data to keep the server overhead to a minimum.

This isnt ideal for some users, so has anyone heard of/tried/failed to use Database Replication and use the replication/s to handle constant refreshes?

  • This would seperate infrastructure and keep the write databases as fast as possible
  • It would allow data feeds to wherever necessary and only files that need to be updated constantly can be.

Does anyone have any comments and suggestions?


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi Robin,

Which overhead server are your implementation partner worried about? Database server or qv server?

If you are worried about qv server overhead may be you can use qv publisher to reload data from database and publish to qv server.

If you are worried about database server may be you can use delta load to to reduce the db server overhead.