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Can no longer change column width

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any one else is experiencing the same problem as I since update to Qlikview November 2017 release (12.20).

We've even just updated to the latest version SR4 (12.20.20500.0) but the problem is still there:

In any chart (pivot, ...) I cannot change any more the column width in my Qlikview desktop version.

In Ajax-version this still works fine but because I am mostly using my desktop version this is very annoying.

If I open the file in edit-mode in my Desktop-version this works fine. But if I open it through the Server in read only-mode this problem occurs: the arrow-icon changes in a changecolumnwidth-icon but when I click-and-hold it disappears and I can't make the columns any wider or smaller. Doubleclick only makes change in sorting order...

Might this be a bug? has it been reported yet?

Best regards,


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