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Can you add an "average" line on a radar chart?

Hey guys - was wondering if you can add an "average" line, on a radar chart?

I have about 5 metrics on this radar chart, and I would like to also add a 6th, which averages the 5 metrics on the chart.

I've attached my radar chart for example...  is there a way to have Qlikview average the lines, and add that as an additional line? Or could I perhaps average them somehow in the data itself, and then pull that data in?

Thanks for any help!


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Probably. I can't be sure without looking at your data. See attached example.

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This is great, thank you Gysbert!  I am working on something similar.  However, I have two dimensions and just one expression set up thus far.  How should I adjust the formula accordingly?  Basically I am trying to add the average line that should be the average of the three lines shown at each point on the x-axis.

QV Chart2.jpg