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Can you help me with this? Loading excel files ...

Hello, I need help with this:

I have two excel files but NO common field (file 1 and file 2)

I need to see how identify the employees1 of file 1 (Garcia Fernandez Luis) with the employees2 of the other file 2 (Luis G.) In File 1

Finally I have to replace the field containing (Garcia Fernandez Luis) for file 2 field (Luis G.)

Can you give me some idea? I'm very lost. Thank you

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How can you tell that a row from file1 corresponds to a row in file2?

Qlikview doesn't have a big smart machine learning engine, so unless you can define the rules to match a record from file1 to a record with file2 then it can't be done with Qlikview.

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If you can't rename the header's in excel, you can rename them in your load script in Qlikview

'name as realName'

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Thank you for your help.

I am not sure but i have been reading about string funtions.

Perhaps using the subfield() funtion to break the employment1  file1 in several fields, then comparing with the employment2 in file2...

I don't khow ...

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Yes, subfields would likely work. Unfortunately, I am no expert on subfields